Security camera face recognition function


The monitoring lens can not only capture the appearance of the surveillance pedestrians in real time, but also match the specified person information in the database at the same time, and pop up a reminder of the matching degree. The technology can be combined with pedestrian tracking, pedestrian identification and other techniques to help the police determine the whereabouts of the fugitive. Once the identification information matches the fugitive information in the database, the system alerts the police.

If artificial intelligence technology can be applied to the urban video surveillance system, the flight attendant may not happen, because video surveillance can identify the violation of the vehicle’s deck, or identify that the driver has had a criminal record. People, in time, issued an alert to the police to stop the tragedy before the bud. Even if a criminal case occurs, video surveillance can quickly be screened based on vehicle information and driver facial features, and quickly captured in the crowd.

In addition, there are more and more front-end devices and networks that are connected to each other. It is an inevitable trend. The amount of video data will become larger and larger. Traditionally, relying on manpower to organize and analyze video content is becoming more and more Difficulties, so it is imperative to develop artificial intelligence technology and integrate it into Skynet Engineering.

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