Home monitoring equipment


Home monitoring equipment is a co-ordination concept, because at this stage, there is no clear distinction between national monitoring equipment. Traditional analog monitoring systems can also be used as home monitoring equipment; now HD wireless network cameras can also be used as home monitoring equipment. Therefore, the price of home monitoring equipment is different for different monitoring systems.

Traditional analog monitoring system
The analog monitoring system is usually composed of three parts: the front-end surveillance camera, the middle-end control device (the DVR or the capture card), and the display device of the terminal (the transmission cable is not included). Now there is an ordinary 700-line monitoring on the market. The camera is about 150 yuan, a four-channel video recorder is about 200 yuan, plus 500 yuan for its own computer monitor, and the video cable, video head, power supply and other accessories are about 20 dollars, so The total set of home monitoring systems is about 870 yuan. Of course, this is only for the monitoring equipment of ordinary brands. If you choose high-end brand monitoring equipment, the cost will be higher.

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