Monitoring the status of security equipment on campus


At present, the construction of monitoring equipment in China is not perfect. Some campus monitoring and security equipment still has not achieved 100% full coverage, and many campus security cameras are still non-HD cameras. In 2016, there were institutions to conduct research on the security construction of large, middle and primary schools. The data shows that the existing campuses In the security system, the low-pixel camera of less than 2 million is still the main force of the front-end monitoring of campus security, accounting for 50%, and 10% of the school security monitoring has a pixel level below 1.3 million pixels, and over 8 million pixels. Less than 10%. Such a low-pixel camera can only see the outline of a person, and it is impossible to clearly recognize the face, license plate, model and other information in the distance, which is tantamount to nothing. Secondly, most of the campus monitoring systems have not yet completed the intelligent transformation, and the school security personnel are seriously inadequate. Therefore, in most cases, video surveillance can only be used for after-the-fact forensics, but it cannot be quickly reported in advance prevention and in the event. In addition, the monitoring equipment around the school is not connected to the school monitoring system, and the school cannot find suspicious people around the campus beforehand.

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