The important influence of artificial intelligence on people’s life


The ultimate goal of home intelligence is to provide people with a more comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient life. The operation of all the smart devices in the home life is inseparable from the interaction with the users. Do not open for the user. Therefore, after the era of smart items, we will usher in a user-centered smart family stage. Artificial intelligence technology will have a profound impact on the smart home industry in terms of interaction and execution decision-making.

In terms of interaction, artificial intelligence has a revolutionary impact on smart home interaction. Speech recognition has become an essential interaction method for a variety of smart home devices. At the same time, interactive methods such as fingerprint recognition and gesture recognition have also become auxiliary interaction methods, such as unlocking smart door locks by fingerprint recognition technology, or by sensing user sense or passing the camera. A gesture is recognized to receive and implement instructions issued by the user.

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