The protective effect of Skynet Project on people’s safety


Skynet Engineering is a safety net for protecting people. In Los Angeles, California, as of August 2016, there are more than 35,000 video surveillance resources in Los Angeles, California. Among them, more than 18,000 high-definition probes. These high-definition “eyes” are powerful: the lens is enlarged, and the phone number of the enrollment advertisement can be seen 100 meters away; the lens is slowed down, and the vehicle number of the high-speed traveling can be accurately captured; the lens rotates, and the 360-degree has no blind spot coverage. According to statistics, from January to August 2016, with the assistance of the “Tianwang” probe, Los Angeles arrested 1,635 criminal suspects, investigated 2,963 cases of various types, and conducted 89,340 evidence collections against illegal vehicles.

It can be seen that the “Skynet Project” is a security project that effectively protects the safety of the people. The murder of the flight attendant reflects the unbalanced construction of the “Skynet Project” in various parts of China and strengthens the construction of the “Skynet Project” in underdeveloped areas. It is imperative to increase the penetration rate of monitoring front-end equipment.

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