Intelligent security to deal with the processing of massive data


In fact, intelligent security is not a new logic. Haikang, Dahua and other security equipment leaders have been planning smart security products since 2006. In 2006, the security industry began to develop intelligently, but it has not been able to have a satisfactory breakthrough. The reasons for wifihomesecuritycameras are summarized as follows: 1. The identification accuracy is not high enough; 2. The equipment environment is not adaptable enough; 3. The identification type is small. Faced with these three shortcomings, “artificial intelligence” can be solved.

In the final analysis, AI-enhanced security is the problem of using computer vision recognition technology to solve the problem that the massive security camera monitoring data is not well utilized. Massive data to information to intelligence and then insight, the middle of the need for layer of data value refinement, and computer vision recognition technology can well structure the “see” thing into “people”, “car”, “object” The attribute information for the subject.

Intelligentization existed in 2006, and the application of computer vision recognition technology to security began in 2006. In the past, only simple license plate recognition was possible. Then, with the increase of computing power, the accuracy of recognition is increasing. The more you can adapt to a more complex environment, the more types of recognition.

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