The opportunity of home surveillance cameras in the market


Because the home security wireless camera has achieved zero wiring, the wireless module is built in the camera, paired with the wireless router to form a wireless network, so it is gradually recognized by the majority of users. From the perspective of the camera, from the perspective of the United States, the home surveillance camera does a good job.

From the perspective of network configuration, since the core of the home security wireless camera is wifi connection, then we must definitely understand the wireless connection, otherwise the next operation can not proceed. There are two main ways to connect home surveillance cameras: one is a hotspot connection, and the other is a wireless wifi connection. The connection method we use is still wifi connection, because it is convenient, simple and practical. Because the defect of hotspot connection is that you can only watch video surveillance at a close distance, it is impossible to remotely monitor.
Some people say that the boom in the home monitoring industry will soon pass, and some people think that the development of the home monitoring industry has just begun, I hold the latter view. Because with the increasing demand for monitoring by home users, the home monitoring industry is bound to usher in new development opportunities.

Security monitoring in this industry, the development of the monitoring industry has also gone through several stages, from the initial analog video surveillance, to the subsequent digital monitoring, to today’s wireless monitoring. The monitoring industry has been changing, it has been developing, it has been developing, so it has changed. This sentence is really quite reasonable. It’s just how we seize opportunities in this ever-changing industry. This is a serious issue for every security practitioner.

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