Monitor the camera how to process information


When the social economy entered a transitional stage, the originally stable social relations became complicated. The market-oriented allocation of resources has caused a series of changes in population mobility and employment distribution, as well as urban and rural patterns, leading to increased difficulty in social management and the surface of various contradictions and conflicts, and objectively providing more opportunities for criminal activities.

In the face of a huge and complex system such as the city, if you want to real-time information release, monitoring, analysis and intelligent management, to ensure that the decision-making and command of the whole system can convey and feedback smoothly and quickly, highly integrated visual terminal essential. Video surveillance systems that are installed in every corner of the city are an important part of the city management system.

With the sudden increase of monitoring points, the video data generated by the surveillance cameras all over the street is exploding every moment. In the past, it is difficult to meet the security needs of the new era by simply using the human tactics for retrieval and analysis. . For this industry, people are counting on the powerful computing power and data expression capabilities of AI.

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