Drone and security camera


Wearable video camera and drone;

Such cameras, used in police affairs in China, are called mobile law enforcement recorders. As an important equipment for law enforcement and forensics, with the popularity of 4G networks, the equipment is also experiencing an outbreak in China. Used in the personal consumer market, it is called a sports camera. Compared with police applications, the market demand is not strong at present, but it is also favored by many people.

In addition, when talking about drones, there are no consumer drones in the current security industry, and more are industrial drones, complementing their own solutions. Its positioning has well avoided the competition with UAVs such as Dajiang and has become the first choice for industry users. Currently in the movie or TV, you can already see the scene of the drone to solve the case. As the technology continues to mature, I believe that these can become a reality. Coupled with the current trend of industry 2015, the robot market is in the ascendant. “

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