Video surveillance image information is processed using the cloud


Video surveillance image information Big data and AI processing and analysis require ultra-high performance computing capabilities, and the cloud can solve the problem of insufficient computing power.

Massive video image information needs to go far beyond the storage, analysis, and search capabilities of common data processing technologies. Video big data can analyze indirect human-to-human, object-to-object, and human-to-material relationships, which poses a very high challenge to the computing power of video surveillance systems. The video cloud solution provides computing power on demand for video surveillance systems. For example, a province’s big data platform, powerful computing capabilities to support rapid response to business, can achieve 100 million traffic data analysis within 1 minute. There was a landslide and a vehicle was buried. At that time, through the big data platform, the information of 75 toll stations, 4042 kilometers of high-speed in the province, and 133,000 vehicles were combined, and information such as the vehicle model, occupants and quantity of the buried vehicles was accurately analyzed in combination with information such as time and space trajectory, which provided strong support for the rescue work. The traditional server cluster solution can not meet the above requirements.

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