Cloud computing promotes security cameras


Video cloud computing is based on the concept of cloud computing technology, using video as a “cloud” to the “terminal” to present processing results of a cloud computing solution. The application runs on the cloud server, encodes the running display output and sound output, and transmits it to the terminal in real time through the network. The terminal displays the output after real-time decoding. The terminal can operate at the same time, and the operation control information is transmitted to the cloud application running platform for application control in real time through the network, and the terminal is “streamlined” to provide only network capability, video decoding capability and human-computer interaction capability.

With the integration of security and Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, the emergence of video surveillance HD cameras, the security industry is becoming digital, integrated, networked, intelligent, and civilian. The application requirements of cameras in various industries have evolved from simple security protection to high-definition, intelligent and intelligent remote visualization management.

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