Camera-based smart driving


For example, the horizon, as early as the end of 2017, officially released its “Journey” 1.0 processor based on the first-generation BPU architecture – Gaussian architecture, which is mainly for intelligent driving, and another Rising Sun for intelligent security cameras (Sunrise ) 1.0 processor. At this year’s Beijing Auto Show, the company also showed its new generation of autopilot processor-Journey 2.0 architecture to the public, and released Matrix1.0, a high-level autopilot computing platform based on the journey 2.0 processor architecture. L3 and L3+ automatic driving system.

Horizon revealed that currently based on the journey 1.0 processor, the company’s ADAS product for smart driving – Horizon “Nebula” is about to be launched in mass production. This product can simultaneously target pedestrians, motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, lane lines, traffic signs. Such as multi-class targets for accurate real-time monitoring and identification, and to meet the harsh environmental requirements of automotive equipment, as well as visual perception requirements in complex environments, support L2 level ADAS functions. At the same time, the new generation of processors based on the journey 2.0 architecture, Journey 2.0, is also under development. With the release of a number of products, the horizon and the Audi, Changan and other vehicle companies, such as Bosch’s top Tier1 cooperation is also progressing to accelerate the AI ??in the automotive industry.

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