Security cameras can process information


The traditional field of financial monitoring has always been a highly competitive security segment, and the differences in the attributes of friends and businesses have also accelerated the innovation of security technology. Taking sensor technology as an example, traditional security monitoring enterprises enter the financial market and choose camera-based sensor means to form an intelligent security system.

However, some new friends will capture the three-dimensional information of the scene through an active infrared ranging camera to solve the security problem of the bank. There are also some companies that use binocular cameras to imitate people’s left and right eyes and do intelligent analysis by obtaining depth information. There are also companies that combine multi-camera fusion to synthesize scene information captured from multiple perspectives for intelligent analysis.

These are highly differentiated technological innovations that bring more possibilities to the diversification of security technologies. However, from the current situation analysis, it is ultimately necessary to look at the functional applications of these non-traditional security technologies, and whether the performance in the customer project can successfully solve the customer’s needs.

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