Intelligent use of security cameras


One of the importance of video image intelligent recognition for security applications is that it can convert the mega video image content generated by the massive security camera into structured data that clearly expresses the target attribute, and then intelligently analyze through the deep learning algorithm. Improve data processing efficiency and deep data mining. Therefore, from this perspective, intelligence and big data will become the typical characteristics of the new security industry in the new era. Artificial intelligence + security will turn passive defense into active early warning, and realize visualization, network and intelligent management in the field of public security.

Taking the face as an example, the face is now able to meet the most basic and core control services. However, the types of videos involved in the actual business of the public security are complex, and videos of safe cities, hotels, Internet cafes, transportation, airports, etc., and the collation of case clues often requires the integration of various types of videos. Therefore, the research on video personnel attribute analysis in complex environment, improve the accuracy of recognition, combined with GIS map, automatically correlate, classify and visualize the personnel information that needs to be retrieved, and improve the comprehensive visual and precise call of complex information. The efficiency of the use of business system information will be a development direction for future face AI. And the application of face technique will be developed and deepened simultaneously. Face information collection, early warning and retrieval will be used as an intelligence early warning system based on portraits. Image analysis and travel law analysis will be carried out for people within the scope of control. Image intelligence AI, more to cover some core application scenarios.

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