The development trend of camera coaxial HD


Camera and VMS;

The wifihomesecuritycameras report shows that although the global demand forecast for HD cameras (analog and coaxial HD) will increase, the Chinese region is relatively low. IHS estimates that global network camera (IPC) shipments will reach 9800W in 2017, HD cameras (analog and HD) up to 2900W, and wearable cameras up to 40W. In some countries, coaxial cameras will still be the user’s first choice. First, coaxial high-definition solves the high-definition requirements of users. Second, the equipment can be upgraded in the original analog system architecture, and the cost is low. Recently, some higher-pixel coaxial devices have been introduced, and it is also revealed from the side that the coaxial HD market is still the exclusive love of some users.

But why is there the opposite situation in the United States alone? The first explanation is that there are relatively few coaxial cables in the new buildings in the United States, and the price of network cameras is relatively low. Third, large projects in the United States often require expansion. At this point, IP has a unique advantage. At the same time, under the trend of intelligent security, in the Chinese market, coaxial high-definition will inevitably lose its mainstream position.

The demand for intelligence not only affects the evolution of front-end acquisition devices, but also puts new demands on the video management platform (VMS). The core of the video management platform (VMS) is ease of use. The platform is also designed to make it easier for users to participate in video management. jobs.

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