Security camera iris verification


How does the security camera use the iris for verification?

First, the iris is extremely unique and stable. Scientific research shows that the iris is one of the most unique structures in the human body. It is unchanged from the fetal development stage and does not wear and change due to external interference.

“Secondly, the iris is a more reliable and more difficult to forge biometric than the face and fingerprints. For example, fingerprints are more prone to wear and tear, and face recognition can be difficult to distinguish between twins. Even the same person, with age, appearance Changes will also occur. Moreover, facial expressions, expressions and gestures under different lighting will also affect the recognition effect,” wifihomesecuritycameras said. “And the iris is mostly difficult to forge and change. The iris is externally visible, but at the same time It belongs to the internal organization and is located behind the cornea. To change the appearance of the iris, there is a danger of blindness.”

However, it is not easy to make iris recognition easy and convenient. Wifihomesecuritycameras said: “For comfort, you can’t ask the other person to open your eyes and keep an eye on the security camera when shooting. In this case, how to quickly and easily obtain the iris image becomes a problem. Also, the collected iris Is it from a living body? Will it come from glass eyes, photos, etc? These are all problems that need to be solved.”

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