Security camera and cloud algorithm


The cloud platform is an ecological, downward-oriented docking of a variety of security cameras of different manufacturers, carrying the industry’s best algorithms and applications. Through flexible combination, we always maintain the leading edge of actual combat capability.

The use of a general-purpose server to build the infrastructure is the basic capability of the video cloud. On top of this, a cloud platform based on OpenStack open architecture and a big data platform based on Hadoop architecture are built as a unified security cloud computing storage environment, realizing software and hardware solutions. Decoupling, front-end and back-end decoupling, application and platform decoupling. Supporting the deployment of various algorithms and applications, allowing each vendor to do what they are good at; providing reliable, open, easy-to-maintain, easy-to-manage unified access services and video transcoding services, compatible with various mainstream vendors. The front-end equipment meets the business needs of the public security organs for daily three-dimensional prevention and control.

The video cloud is the platform and ecological basis. Open and sharing are essential genes. In a certain province, the innovative component development model is used by the police to develop more than 100 common components, which are convenient for each police to directly call according to business needs, improve efficiency and achieve excellent practical results.

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