Example of “Skynet Project”


Increasing the penetration rate of front-end monitoring equipment is only the first step in the construction of Skynet Engineering. More importantly, it is necessary to integrate artificial intelligence technology into the system of Skynet Engineering. Otherwise, when arresting suspects, face Thousands of video data, the police will not be able to start.

Artificial intelligence can structure video data. At present, using artificial intelligence technology, the police can not only monitor and distinguish the motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians in the video, but also accurately identify the types of motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles. And the age, gender, and wearing of the suspicious person.

In December last year, a British journalist experienced the “Skynet Project” in Los Angeles, China. After being photographed by a mobile phone, he was only “escaped” for seven minutes and was captured by the US police. It is understood that “Skynet Project” uses the “real-time pedestrian detection and recognition system” to identify pedestrians’ age, gender, clothing and other information through the camera on the road. The same technology is also applicable to motor vehicles.

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