Security camera needs and future development


Wifihomesecuritycameras estimates that the demand for security video surveillance equipment will continue to grow rapidly in 2017, but limited by the fierce competition in the market price, the annual growth rate of the global surveillance market will be less than 7%. Price competition will not allow manufacturers to obtain more income and profits, and even some enterprises will die out. Therefore, it is inevitable to further adjust their own strategies and consolidate their supply systems.

Although the market is cruel, the demand for some special security cameras will grow rapidly, such as 180/360 degree panoramic cameras, thermal imaging cameras, 3D cameras and so on. In terms of geographical growth, the growth of the Middle East and Latin America markets will be higher than the global average.
IHS believes that the trend of the video surveillance market in 2017 is composed of keywords such as network security, deep learning, the rise of American companies, wearable cameras, drones, and video management platforms.

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