AI makes sense for security


AI is always at the top of the industry in security. When it comes to AI scale application, the high price makes Party A discouraged, and the smart park construction is also the same. However, Wanjiaan’s product manufacturing capability and the control of AI core technology enable the AI ​​camera NVR product portfolio to be super cost-effective. Under the AI ​​combination boxing of Wanjiaan, it provides a deep intelligent application for artificial intelligence monitoring for the smart park. Specifically, the smart park covers a large area and has a large population. iSEE Zhiyan can quickly locate and capture the face, effectively solve the problem of missing false alarms, complete the first step of face image collection, and support face detection and tracking. De-duty, automatically output the optimal face map, after the person enters the smart park recognition area, capture multiple pictures, automatically determine the picture effect, and provide a clearer and higher quality face image for the back-end NVR; The high-quality face image, the back-end for further analysis and application, the accuracy and efficiency of face recognition will be greatly improved. Wan Jia’an’s brains not only have the features of NVR, but also enable accurate face analysis and application, making embedded storage more intelligent and making face recognition more popular.

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