Rapid development and future trends of intelligent systems


Basic realization in 2020 Global coverage Full network sharing Full-time available Full-featured monitoring and monitoring of networked applications. In response to the domestic security situation, the national ministries and commissions clearly proposed that the overall target of video surveillance and control will reach 100% in the public area by 2020, and the proportion of newly-built and reconstructed high-definition cameras will reach 100%; the coverage of video surveillance of important parts in key industries will reach 100%. At the same time, gradually increase the number of new HDTV cameras. At present, the construction of networking is actively promoted throughout the country, and industry development has entered a critical period.

As the country promotes projects such as the safe city of Ping’an City, the concept of national security has been fully formed, and it is currently in the transition period from public security system to personal security system. The intelligent security system is safe and hygienic for home security. As the most high-frequency demand area of ​​smart homes, only the home smart camera IPC market has presented a hundred flowers, and the outbreak of smart locks has ran out of the market. The market size in 2020 will exceed The 66 billion data source smart product circle is the icing on the cake for the intelligent security system. At present, the civil security mainly includes the family monitoring smart home building intercom anti-theft alarm and other product lines, which are mainly used in personal home business office convenience store community kindergarten nursing homes and other units. The security products of the category make the civilian market gradually popular, completely changing the long-term situation of civil intelligent security and tepid.

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