The development direction of smart cameras


Intelligent cameras are the general direction of future research applications and the cornerstone of safe city. Deep learning and intelligent analysis make security monitoring truly intelligent. With self-learning and adaptive functions, it can automatically learn and filter according to different complex environments. . For example, through the face capture and recognition of the entrance and exit channels of the main places in the city, the city’s massive face feature database can be established, and the public security information resource database can be docked to provide early warning and real-time warning for terrorists and criminals. dynamic. This will greatly improve work efficiency, save resource costs, and shorten the crime detection cycle. For example, in the huge video data torrent, the attributes of different attributes are retrieved and labeled to achieve fast targeting, fast retrieval, intelligent classification, and even accomplish tasks that cannot be completed by human energy.

When AI artificial intelligence is combined with high-definition video 5G communication cloud platform big data image processing deep learning technology, it can be arbitrarily embedded into the storage front-end device storage device, or independently as an analysis device, forming a rich intelligent product line to realize the video data structure of the primary Form, can be used in conjunction with big data system to achieve joint control, become a real-time security system, network image scheduling and information resource sharing, so that security from passive prevention to early warning direction, with the sharing of data resources in different security clouds The security products will realize the active identification of dangerous molecules, and the security behavior will change from passive to active.

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