Intelligent trend of video surveillance


With the help of video surveillance technology, the surveillance camera has gone through the stage from analog to digital standard definition to high definition. In 2000, the emergence of computer vision recognition technology made the video surveillance intelligent, and the camera began to learn to understand the world.

Computer vision recognition technology, machine vision, has been applied to video surveillance since around 2000. Computer visual recognition technology first landed on license plate recognition, because the number of sequence combinations for Guangdong BFGX68 is limited and the possibility of combination is not too great. After using OCR to identify the image license plate number, it is in the database with the existing license plate. The length of time used in the comparison is relatively short, relative to face recognition, and the like. In addition to license plate recognition, computer vision recognition technology is also used in the field of social security to identify human face recognition, and of course other new biometrics.

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