The development status of video probes in a certain city in the United States


In the central region, the Changsha City of Hunan Province in 2017 increased the construction of the Xueliang project monitoring point, continuously improved the city’s security infrastructure construction, and improved the coverage of key urban targets. 20,000 new high-definition surveillance cameras, supporting upgraded Skynet engineering base platform, actual platform, operation and maintenance platform, electronic bayonet platform, new social video resource access and supervision platform, Tianwang project, Huimin service platform. The city has invested 75,000 public-position cameras built by the government, which has achieved full coverage of video.

At present, more than 1.6 million video probes have been deployed, and a video transmission link for the three-level security border access platform of the provinces, counties and counties has been unified. In 2017, it was identified by the Central Comprehensive Management Office as a national three-level demonstration unit for video surveillance construction. The provincial video surveillance probe has reached 1 million, and the city’s video private network can be networked to see a class of second-class probes reaching 46,000. The system has initially formed a full-closed key part of the city’s urban entrance and exit crossings. Video surveillance network. By 2020, the city will build 44,000 social security surveillance and multi-dimensional data acquisition front-ends, 90,000 first- and second-class probes.

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