Internet company’s innovation in camera image processing technology


Traditional manufacturers have relatively mature product technology foundations. The advantages of video image processing technology or imaging technology are more obvious than those of Internet companies. However, in the aspect of home security, traditional manufacturers base on video surveillance, video surveillance security is the dominant thinking, and some applications close to user scenarios. The experience is not as good as the internet company.

Internet companies have brand influence and broad online users, know how to grasp the user market, and know how to be close to users. Internet thinking is the embodiment of home video camera as a communication and sharing user life, close to users, and the mainstay is closer. The distance between family and friends is close to the user’s life scene. However, the Internet company’s product technology is based on traditional manufacturers, and the product system services are not as good as traditional manufacturers.

It is concluded that traditional manufacturers and Internet companies have their own advantages and disadvantages, and should learn from each other and learn from each other.

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