Smart city and security camera


One of the characteristics of the construction of a smart city is the security of the city, which coincides with the construction of a safe city, which means that the safe city will play a major role in the smart city, and the safe city project market is an important thrust. The security industry is bound to take another share. However, at present, the current safe city still stays in the initial intelligent stage of high-definition monitoring and intelligent analysis. Whether it is efficiency or safety, there is still a distance from the real smart city. As an important sensor of the city, the security camera can predict the future. From law enforcement to commercial security transportation planning, retail parking services and more. In this stage of historical change, we can see from the domestic traditional security giants Haikang Dahua Yuke Keda Netpower and the new challenger Huawei’s recent initiatives, security is the just-needed development of urban smart and benign development.

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