The increase in the number of cameras will drive continuous improvement in video analytics technology


With the advancement of the Skylight project, the number of cameras is increasing, and various types of cameras constantly generate video data day and night. In the face of massive video data, relying on traditional manual methods for analysis is not only costly and inefficient, but also prone to omissions. Therefore, the use of intelligent video analysis technology is an inevitable trend.

However, most of the enterprises’ intelligent video analysis technology can only deal with the problems in the simple scene, but in the face of urban-level large-scale video analysis, they often fail to do so. Compared with the intelligent video analysis in general small scenes, the demand for urban-level intelligent video analysis is more complicated. The demands of various departments of public security traffic management are different, and the information required for complex and diverse scenarios is also different. With the rapid development of society, Constantly adding new analysis items is the normal state of urban-level intelligent video analysis. In addition, the amount of video data that cities need to analyze is huge, and it is necessary to analyze thousands of channels of video, and has extremely high requirements for real-time performance.

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