Urban security construction


The selection of products for urban and rural security construction is limited by economic capacity and different places of use. The products selected are uneven, mainly low-end products, simple in function, backward in technology, poor in system stability, and security manufacturing enterprises are not based on urban and rural security market. Demand, launching a product that is suitable for targeting. Since urban and rural security requires equipment functions are not necessarily complicated, but the performance must be subject to budgetary constraints, and the demand for products is more cost-effective. Due to the limitations of urban and rural night lighting conditions, the security cameras selected require a massive storage system with night vision capabilities. The need for node-type storage products to share the pressure of centralized storage, etc., are all issues that security companies should think about. The construction of Xueliang Project not only brings unlimited business opportunities, but also inevitably leads to customized development products of manufacturing enterprises, and quotes many high-end product applications.

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