Security chip


The demand of users in the public security industry is to find clues to suspects in massive video information. To achieve this demand, it is not enough to just capture the suspect with a security camera. It needs intelligent front-end camera to analyze video content in real time, detect moving objects, identify attribute information such as people and vehicles, and then need to aggregate massive city-level information to the central database of back-end artificial intelligence for storage, and then use computing power and intelligent analysis capabilities. The suspect’s information is analyzed in real time, and the most likely clues are given.
Judging from the current market situation, the huge market size and considerable revenue profit prospects in the security field have just made it a must for many giants and startup companies. The traditional giants are led by Hikvision Dahua. Actively deploying upstream key technology areas such as chip algorithms, on the one hand, it is also extending downstream integration of integrators or operators.

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