Camera data mining


The eye of vision is the eye of the city. We have to deal with the city’s camera, whether it is traffic security, urban management or personal, the data of these cameras, we consider how to dig out its value. The technology involved is still the detection of visual data recognition system support search mining and so on.

This example is the analysis of traffic video, the detection of vehicles, the tracking of vehicles, the attributes of vehicles, is to understand the sounds on the road. In the past, when there was traffic optimization, there were two sources of information. The first one was the ground-sensing coil, but the coil data did not know the properties of the car, the type of car, the length of the car, and where the car went, this information is incomplete. The second data is GPS data, but generally only a few people turn on GPS, so it is sampled data. The video data is different, it is the vision to see, the camera is the real and complete data, so this data is irreplaceable.

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