Security camera and privacy security


China’s privacy concerns are much easier. The China Cyber Security Law was only implemented on June 1 this year. The foreign privacy law has been implemented for several decades. The implementation of the June 1st is implemented, but the rules have not yet come out. There will be a lot of experiments, which will create a very good condition for the use of data. For example, now the fire security industry, China has the world’s largest security camera. China’s camera is intelligent when it comes across The resistance may be the smallest in the world.
Such a good application environment has the basis of a data, and it is very good to make the AI company’s products work well. With this kind of product, it is the same as what we bought before. We can do this training. The good model that comes out is placed in a good product and then exported to other parts of the world. This is our overall ease of use of the data.

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