Internet of Things technology and security camera


In the past three years, the Internet of Things has become a key word of global attention. With the maturity of information technology and the lowering of the price of information communication equipment, the Internet of Things will be a relatively realistic breakthrough in the development of the smart home industry. The application of the Internet of Things in smart homes has been greatly developed. The application of security products in smart homes mainly focused on explicit security assurance, including prevention and control alarms and post-alarm handling. In the future, smart home security systems will become more intelligent and integrated in the Internet of Things era.

Intelligent is mainly the smart home of the Internet of Things era to add intelligent video analysis technology to solve the problem of false positives and false negatives. Visualization changes the traditional application mode of traditional alarm sensors, and is integrated with IP high-definition cameras to form various alarms + IP cameras. + Intelligent system architecture for platform access.

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