Intelligent security camera


In the past, the floor ceiling wall bathroom toilet cabinet appliances became the highlight of the real estate decoration in different periods, but in the era of fine decoration, the smart home will be the only new attraction of the fine decoration, the difference will be Intelligent and practical function operation experience and IOT hardware brand.

In this regard, some developers have to vomit. For example, security is considered to be just needed, and some are equipped with smart cameras as anti-fog, some are equipped with air monitors to arm the sense of technology to the teeth, and some are equipped with smart toilets… Many smart homes equipped with finely decorated rooms, the real-time perception of buyers is not as good as expected.

According to some developers, the preference for functional smart devices, if lack of high-frequency use needs, is a chicken rib sooner or later. The identity of the developer determines that it is more suitable for building an entry-level, malleable smart frame, smart camera air monitor, smart toilet and other functional devices, and is not suitable for creating this entry-level framework. Therefore, these developers in the fine-decorated residential projects, despite the good vision of intelligence, have been biased by inappropriate application posture.

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