The significance of intelligent security in today’s society


At present, Shenzhen Xing Technology has taken root in its business areas including smart security, smart city, smart finance, safe campus and intelligent transportation. The core technologies involved are face recognition, portrait structure, video structure, vehicle identification, iris recognition and so on. According to the above technology, Shenxing Technology has built two product line intelligent application platforms and intelligent cloud service platforms, including dynamic face recognition real-time early warning system, static face recognition comparison system, dynamic face intelligent monitoring management system, dynamic vehicle identification, real-time management. System video structured analysis management system human-integrated identity authentication product public security big data integrated prevention and control platform long-distance iris recognition identity authentication system and face recognition cloud service platform.

It is not difficult to find that the business that Shen Xing Technology touched in the security field is very comprehensive, basically covering the entire work process of the public security case. As Lu Hao said, face recognition and big data systems are combined to make a comprehensive application of cross-technology, rather than just selling a visual product to users.

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