Security camera and anti-lost plan


The Public Security Department and the Tencent Internet + Cooperation Division issued a platform called Loss Prevention. Relying on the face retrieval technology of Tencent Youtu, citizens and public security personnel can upload photos of suspected private members to the platform to check whether the officially released after the official release of the Wuhan City Public Security Bureau Traffic Management Bureau. The Wuhan Traffic Police Smart Service Platform is dedicated to creating an AI police station on the fingertips that does not fight for 24 hours. Through the platform, Wuhan citizens can apply for more than 130 traffic management services online without the need for other documents and materials. Among them, 95 can handle business and traffic management services online.
As the first and most common application of face recognition technology, the security field has become a red sea of ??face recognition technology. When the security camera can clearly capture the face, the index system can automatically compare the face with the data in the criminal library, and determine whether the pedestrians appearing in the camera have archives in the criminal database. The whole process only needs 2-3. Seconds of time.
Experts believe that the application of the face is accelerating the infiltration of citizens’ lives, and the face is given more and more functions.

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