The importance of the camera in maintaining social order


In 2017, it was just a year of deep-starting technology business, but in this year, Shenkang Technology helped the public to arrest more than 2,000 suspects throughout the year and became the most efficient company in the industry. In the same year last year, in a certain city in China, the police took the initiative to focus on arresting the national fugitives. Through various investigations, tens of thousands of police officers captured one person who was at large. After using the deep wake-up technology face recognition technology, the security camera was installed in the crowded places such as the airport railways at key intersections, and the public security arrested 7 escaped personnel within two days.
Lu Hao has made a metaphor for Yiou. The product based on face recognition and big data has been compared to the traditional manpower to capture fugitives. It is like an alien coming to Earth. The earth can only surrender. . Lu Wei said that the deep wake-up technology is to create a multi-field AlphaGo.

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