New retail and security camera combination


Among the various solutions, the most widely mentioned is the visual recognition technology based on convolutional neural networks. How does computer vision combine with video in the new retail field?

That is, through deep learning, the church computer knows the goods. When the consumer self-purchases, the computer recognizes the category price of the goods through the in-store camera, and the consumption can be automatically deducted without the consumer’s manual checkout.

Computer Vision gives video powerful recognition technology, launches a complete solution for new retail, integrates face recognition analysis engine, verifies user identity, and guides new users to payment method binding and identity/credit information entry. At the same time, combined with the face attribute analysis technology, the user’s gender age and other information are determined to generate a user portrait. Tracking the user’s walking route, combined with face recognition technology, collects the length of time the user stays in front of the shelf, identifies the behaviors and products that the user takes and puts back, and analyzes the shopping trends and preferences of different users. Through the analysis of a large number of user image behavior data, the merchant is provided with suggestions for the layout of the merchandise shelf.

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