Artificial intelligence camera analysis


With the continuous advancement of the construction of safe cities, more and more monitoring points, the popularity of high-definition monitoring equipment is getting higher and higher, and the amount of video data is exponentially increasing. According to statistics, in the capital city of Beijing, the total number of security cameras deployed by government departments and public institutions alone has exceeded two million. The total number of video data generated by these cameras kept around the clock is up to two million days. It is tantamount to finding a needle in a haystack by relying on artificially analyzing the video of people and things.
Artificial intelligence has a natural advantage in understanding the feature extraction content of video content. The front-end camera has built-in artificial intelligence chip, which can analyze the video content in real time, detect the moving object, identify the vehicle attribute information, and transmit it to the central database of the back-end artificial intelligence through the network for storage. After summarizing the massive city-level information, and using powerful computing power and intelligent analysis capabilities, artificial intelligence can analyze the suspect’s information in real time, give the most likely clue suggestions, and lock the suspect’s trajectory from the original Days, shortened to a few minutes, saving valuable time for the detection of the case. Its powerful interactive ability can also communicate with the police in charge of the natural language, and truly become an expert assistant to the case handlers.
In addition, security monitoring systems are more biased towards post-event response tracking, lacking the ability to take the initiative to prevent active prevention beforehand, and artificial intelligence can promote security from passive defense to active judgment and early warning development. The deep learning algorithm can quickly process the video data, mark the key personnel and criminals in different categories, and revitalize the platform data, real-time analysis and warning, and transfer the security measures to the evidence and advance warning. To reduce the probability of a crime event.

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