The important role of video surveillance systems in social security


In the past, when the coverage of video surveillance equipment was not high, even if the child went to the police immediately after the disappearance of the child, it is still difficult to capture the trajectory of the suspect by relying on limited police force. Now, with the monitoring equipment achieving 100% full coverage in most key areas of the region, HD The popularity of security cameras is getting higher and higher. These monitoring devices are equivalent to the eyes of the police. The video content can be used not only as an effective legal basis, but also as a clue for identifying and tracking criminal suspects later.
In 2013, the police used a full use of video surveillance to successfully return a 5-year-old boy who was transferred to his family. It is understood that after receiving the alarm, the police transferred more than 400 monitoring probes to view more than 500 hours of video data. After more than 200 hours of work and night work, the boy was successfully rescued. The importance of video surveillance in the fight is self-evident, but at the same time we must also see new problems. Trafficking in children is only part of the complex security problem. The urban population is increasing and the police force is very limited, if every case is the case. A big move will only make the existing police force more tense. How to solve these problems? The artificial intelligence is coming.

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