Ultra HD camera in different scenarios


Recently, following the high-definition network intelligence, a new round of major technical iterations of ultra-high-definition video is gradually approaching. The meeting proposed that the United States ultra-high-definition video industry alliance will be formed, and the ultra-high-definition video industry development action plan will be formulated in 2018-2022 to promote the construction of ultra-high-definition content and industry applications, and support local industrial agglomeration development and demonstration.

The ultra-high definition camera can solve the monitoring problem of large scenes. It can cover the square in front of the railway station station with a 4K camera, and at the same time, it can basically see the appearance of pedestrians. Secondly, the same field of view, see more image details than 1080P cameras, such as face license plates, etc. These details are often critical in practical applications.

On the other hand, ultra-high-definition video surveillance can obtain more details and generate more effective data, which promotes the development of artificial intelligence to a certain extent, and promotes the artificial application of artificial intelligence in the field of video surveillance.

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