Security innovation chip is the most suitable entry point


Why is the chip considered to be the most suitable entry point for security innovation chips?

First, the security market is upgrading based on artificial intelligence technology, and heterogeneous computing will replace the traditional design approach. In addition, from the ecological point mentioned above, the built-in program of the camera in security monitoring is completely developed by the manufacturer itself. After replacing the innovative chip of Huaxia core, the development workload of the manufacturer is very small and does not involve Ecological issues.

Second, in terms of hardware, the security market needs a system-level chip with multi-function multi-processor IP integration. The high IP licensing cost severely restricts the innovation and development of smart security high-end chips. Huaxia core’s fully autonomous one-stop IP features precisely meet the actual needs of large-scale use of security monitoring equipment, namely 4P principle, high performance, low power consumption, low price, and high programmability. .

Third, in terms of market size, with the strong support of the Chinese government in recent years, the project of Xueliang Engineering Skynet Project has been widely deployed, and the prospects in the security field are extremely impressive, with sales far ahead of other fields. However, from the application point of view, the security monitoring chip also needs to face the fragmented market for customized design, which is just the advantage of Huaxia core. Driven by AI technology, manufacturers such as Haikang Dahua Yushi have begun to look for partners to develop custom-made chips for artificial intelligence analysis in the security industry.

Fourth, from the artificial intelligence application of security chips, in the future, cloud edge combination will replace central analysis as the mainstream choice for intelligence. Security smart applications are gradually becoming popular, but at present, security mainstream chips do not integrate artificial intelligence, that is, mainstream chip manufacturers in the industry fail to provide a system-level SoC chip with artificial intelligence.

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