How to solve the privacy leak problem in smart security camera


At the end of 2016, the School of Computer Science and Technology of Fudan University established the Joint Innovation Center of Blockchain Technology. Professor Han Weili, deputy dean of the School of Software at Fudan University, said in an interview that the blockchain can provide a reliable data service, so it can be widely used in various Internet of Things applications, so it is feasible to apply to smart home.
Take the privacy security camera leaking privacy incident as an example, if you use blockchain technology or you can avoid it. Professor Han Weili explained that using blockchain technology can facilitate the establishment of trust relationships between the various nodes of the Internet of Things, which can make mutual authentication between users and cameras, and even various IoT nodes more convenient. Of course, this requires further development of related application systems, starting with system usage management to ensure the security of smart homes and protect user privacy.

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