Face recognition system for video surveillance system


BBC reporter John Sudworth came to Guiyang to challenge the deep face technology recognition system. At the beginning of the challenge, he found that there were three cameras on the optical bridge, and there was nowhere to be seen. These surveillance cameras not only capture the appearance of the surveillance pedestrians in real time, but also match the specified person information in the database at the same time, and pop up a reminder of the matching degree. The technology can be combined with techniques such as pedestrian tracking and pedestrian identification to help the police determine the whereabouts of the fugitive. Once the identification information matches the fugitive information in the database, the system alerts the police.

The control hall in the video consists of a desk with a circle of circles, and a huge screen occupies the entire wall. The screen is divided into three sections. The left side is the camera screen deployed in each corner. The middle seems to be the interface of the screen, and the right side is the detailed analysis of the target portrait.

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