Security video surveillance system


The continuous promotion of safe city and Xueliang construction has made video surveillance all over the streets, and the demand for video surveillance in major security projects and various industries has soared, and the video surveillance market has continued to expand. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 10,000 roads in a medium-sized city, and some even have 100,000 roads. The video data generated every day is equivalent to 100 billion pictures. Installed in the Plaza Station Community Security cameras and entertainment venues are equivalent to the eyes. Together with the system platform in the monitoring room, they can help people record the behavior of suspects at the time of the incident. A smarter system can also provide pre-warning to people based on unconventional signs in the surveillance screen to maximize social security.
I have to admit that the advancement of technology, especially under the blessing of artificial intelligence technology, video surveillance systems have developed by leaps and bounds. However, in the cheers, we still need to calmly think about it. Aside from the technical factors, is there any need for improvement in the current monitoring system? The monitoring systems in various sub-sectors, square stations, community campuses, etc. are all in the government, face recognition, traffic statistics, traffic incident detection and other functions are difficult to appear in the same system. In this case, will it affect the use? What features should the system really need for the user? How to choose between different applications?

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