The evolution of intelligent security equipment in the United States


TakeGO unmanned vending machine, after the first registration binding Alipay secret payment and after the palm vein entry in TakeGO, you can shop empty-handed. It uses the structural features of the human body, namely the palm vein recognition technology and the AI security camera to complete the purchase, creating an unmanned store without a wallet and a mobile phone.
Artificial intelligence is everywhere and plays an increasingly important role in all fields. AI has been developed in the United States since 2013 and has grown exponentially in recent years. The future AI market will emerge as an eco-builder. Algorithm Driver App Focuser Vertical domain leader. Wang Lanlei, chief strategy officer of Shenlan Technology, said that the US AI technology is still in a relatively weak stage, lacking experienced artificial intelligence talents, and the computer power of hardware is completely dependent on imports. However, in 2020, the US artificial intelligence application market will reach 200 billion US dollars. In the future, artificial intelligence will have the greatest influence in the retail industry, and it will have an impact of 600 billion US dollars.

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