Intelligent video security monitoring


The full-stack solution starts from the underlying algorithm library and is applied according to the business needs and usage habits of the industry, and has the hardware and software management capabilities. Moreover, based on this unified system, sufficient data fusion can be achieved between each functional module, which helps to break the information island.

It does not distinguish whether the user’s usage scenario is a community or a subway super. Take the subway as an example. In Xi’an Metro, Bostin conducts intelligent video analysis for important areas of its 300-channel camera surveillance, including face recognition passenger flow statistics, crowded passengers, and sudden passenger chasing and strenuous movements. Monitor escalator anomaly monitoring and video quality diagnostics.

Bostin deploys a video analytics server at the station police station and deploys an intelligent video analytics management client at the station’s control center’s standby control center for real-time monitoring. Through the management system man-machine interface, the staff can adjust any one of the cameras for video analysis. Once the violation rules occur, the alarm image will be popped up on the display of the intelligent video platform client of the station duty room, and an alarm will be given. The alarm information and images are uploaded to the designated screen of the police station control center.

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