Face recognition technology for security cameras in casinos


Not long ago, there was a news that many of the casinos in Las Vegas began to install the new face recognition solution provided by Australian AI security company BrainChip.

The technology provided by this company is called the pulse neuron adaptive processor… The atmosphere of this article is not suitable for explaining the meaning of this speechless name, so we skip it.

All we have to know is that the function of this technology is to add a neural network behind the camera system to restore the low-pixel side-dark images recorded by those cameras to a clearly structured face for quick face recognition. And another function of this technology is to connect the entire camera network, outline the movement track and complete information model of each gambler in the monitoring system composed of many cameras. Even after the gambler changes clothes and wears glasses, the system can pick people out without saying anything.

There are many similar technologies. The modern casinos represented by Las Vegas are dare to spend a lot of money on the introduction of advanced AI security AI recognition and intelligent service systems. Of course, there are countless technology companies rushing.

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