Intelligent video security monitoring is an important application in the future


Technology such as AI has emerged, and the Amazon Echo smart speaker is an example. There are four computer vision companies in China that use computer vision-related technologies to implement perceptual-based AI technology, which is a global leader in this regard.
This technology can be used in the security field to help identify and verify identity at airports and mobile phones. Applications such as Snapchat can also take advantage of this technology. In fact, any device with a security camera can use this technology, and face recognition is only the first step, because it can analyze the movement trajectory and intention based on this, and finally achieve a comprehensive understanding. This is our ultimate goal.
At present, autonomous vehicles are still in the pilot stage, but the greater the amount of data, the better the effect of applying AI technology. With the increasing collection of data from Waymo and other Chinese companies, the development of autonomous vehicles is progressing rapidly. Some goals are easier to implement and some applications are expected to emerge soon.
For example, running an autopilot truck on a highway must be preceded by running an autopilot on a city’s main road. In addition, there are other applications such as airport parking. These levels of understanding of traffic conditions are not high. The benefit of this model is that you can take advantage of these existing applications to continuously collect data and improve the technology to achieve your goals step by step.

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