Police video surveillance analysis system


Take the Visionary Vision Eagle Video Surveillance and Analysis System as an example. At the end of 2017, a theft incident occurred in a certain city. In the surveillance camera, only the suspect’s copy of the scene after leaving the crime scene was photographed. The suspect has a strong anti-reconnaissance ability, and after leaving the scene, he constantly avoids surveillance video by turning his head and blocking the face.

After receiving the report, the police introduced the surveillance video near the crime scene into the system through the Eagle Eye Police Video Analysis System. After the video was structured, the characteristics of the suspects in the surveillance video of the crime scene were first selected. As a search target, all related videos are searched, and other videos are used to find videos with obvious facial features of the suspect.

Finally, the video of the suspect’s facial blur features was searched, and then the police adjusted the corrected blurred face image through the face reconstruction program of the eagle eye system, and then began face reconstruction. The system was similar. Degree sorting.

Finally, through the screening, the case-handling personnel locked the suspects, compared the face images and the comparison results of the reconstructed face, and retrieved the suspect information to immediately arrest the suspect.

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